Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be use on face?


Thank you for your inquiry. In response to your question, the answer is yes. Please note all areas of the face with the exception of the orbital eye are advised. That being said, feel free to apply it to the face and neck area. Feel free to peruse the customer reviews on Amazon and our website for customer testimonials that have used it on their face and neck.

Is this product safe if you are nursing?
Thank you for your question. It is not advised to use this product while nursing as the ingredients therein are quite powerful. We encourage you to consult a physician prior to applying any new regimen for weight loss, cellulite reduction or skin tightening. After you have finished breast feeding, we encourage application and look forward to hearing about your reduction in fatty tissue.

how long does the bottle last? once results are achieved do you still have to keep using it?
In short, it depends on the area being targeted. Larger areas require higher amounts of the gel, thereby decreasing the contents. On average, a bottle will last between 3 to 5 weeks, but varies from person to person.

What is the best way to apply the product? i have a cellulite massager. should i rub it into my body with a circular motion, or upward motion?
For best results, we suggest using the palms of your hand or for fist application in an upward motion. This will expedite the results and ensure the product seeps into your pores for results, as opposed to an external applicator.

Does this help with stretched out skin on mommy tummy and help reduce stretch marks on belly?
This gel is highly effective in targeting stretch marks, fat deposits and cellulite, with a powerful blend of ingredients scientifically proven formula designed to target problem areas and result in targeted fat loss.

Anyone successful in firming upper arms with this product?
We guarantee results in skin tightening with continued use of this product as directed.

What are the ingredients?
Macas Slimming Gel contains a blend of natural and organic ingredients including L-Carnitine, Ginger Extract, Green Tea Extract, Kiwi Extract and Caffeine. This combination of ingredients are the most powerful and effective blend of natural elements discovered for slimming and fat loss in the world.


Can I use this on my skin between my eye brow n my eye lid (lashes) it's for sagging skin?
This product is a powerful blend of natural and organic ingredients, are not recommended for use around the eyes due to their high potency. For proper use, please follow the directions as prescribed, avoiding use around the eyes.

It is advised that you put these lotions on 2x a day. When are the most beneficial times to put some on?
For best results, it is recommended to use the gel twice daily, once in the morning, and once in the evening, a few hours before you go to bed as the high potency formula can create a light itching or stinging, which can impact your sleep.

Can you wear a waist trainer at the same time you wear the cream?
We encourage the use of the gel in combination with a waist trainer to expedite results and increase the efficacy.

Does it still works if you don't exercise?
M.A.C.A.S. Slimming Gel is effective on its own, however, it is recommended in combination with a regular exercise routine for expedited results and to increase its efficacy.

Do the results last once the bottle is finished or will it slowly fade and go back to how it was?
Results can be expected last. Continuous usage is not necessary, however, many have prolonged usage for months and even years at a time for continuous targeted fat loss and cellulite removal.

How long does it take to see results?
When used as directed, results can be anticipated in two to three weeks.

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